Strategy Tips for Klondike Solitaire

How to win at klondike solitaire? Here is a guide with the most important strategic tips. While the order of cards is random, influencing the game's difficulty, your strategy remains pivotal in determining your success in solving a game and the speed at which you achieve it.

Start by Turning the First Card from the Stock

There is no downside to revealing the first card in the stock pile. Begin with this action to get the best possible overview of the board and your next moves.

Move Aces and Twos to the Foundation

You will not use Aces or Twos to build sequences in the tableau, so move them out of the way to the foundation.

Prioritize Revealing Cards

The more you know, the better decisions you can make. Always prioritize to reveal face-down cards first.

Maximize Your Options

The more options you have on the board, the higher the probability is that you can move a card to a better position. Avoid merging two sequences into one unless it reveals a card, as doing otherwise will reduce your available options.

Avoid Empty Columns

Along the same lines as the previous tip, do not create empty columns unless you have a king you can move there. If all four kings are already the first card of a column, then you shouldn’t empty any more columns at all.

Memorize Cards in the Stock Pile

When you reveal cards in the stock pile which you cannot move - remember them! This will allow you to plan more accordingly for when you cycle through them again. If you don’t care about your final score or the number of moves (and the rules allow unlimited recycling), you can of course cycle through them as much as you want.

Consider the Color of New Columns

When starting a new column, consider if you should start it with a red or black King. Consider the cards you’ve seen in the stock pile, together with those on the board - what will create the most opportunities to reveal more cards? If you don’t have a clear answer, then choose a different color than on the King you already have face-up (if you have one) to create more opportunities.

Group the Same Suits in Tableau Piles

By having the same suit in the same tableau pile, for example hearts and spades, it is more likely you can move the cards to a foundation to expose a card further down, without being blocked. So to the extent possible, have only cards from two suits in the same pile.

Maintain Even Foundation Piles

Don’t be too quick to move cards the foundation. For example, if you want to expose a 8 of hearts you can move the cards on top to an 8 of diamonds. But if that is already put to the foundation it will not work. A good rule is to try to keep the foundation piles on the same rank as long as possible. Only break this rule if it helps turn up another card in the tableau when you're stuck.