Standard Scoring

The total score consists of points accumulated by moving and revealing cards, and a time bonus.

Card Move Points
Waste to Tableau 5
Waste to Foundation 10
Tableau to Foundation 10
Reveal Tableau card 5
Foundation to Tableau -15
Recycle waste -100

Score can never go belong zero.

When a deal is won (solved) a time based bonus is added. The time bonus is 700,000 divided by the number of seconds it took to solve the deal. No bonus if time is below 30 seconds.

To give an idea what time bonus can be, here is a few examples.

Time Bonus
30s 23,333
1m 30s 7,777
2 min 5,833
3 min 3,888
4 min 2,916
5 min 2,333

Vegas Scoring

With Vegas scoring your goal is to make more money than your initial "bet". To start a deal, you bet $52 (fantasy money, not real) so you start on -$52. For each card you manage to move to the foundation, you get $5.

If draw 1, then one pass through the stock pile is allowed. If draw 3, then you three passthroughs are allowed.